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How to Make Suffed Easter Bunnies

Easter is around the corner and people need to start their preparations for Easter. Easter is a one of the biggest and most important festivals in the Christian calendar, this day is celebrated as the day Jesus Christ resurrected after being crucified on the cross. Easter is a day of joy, happiness and celebrations and  people have celebrated this day for centuries by decorating their houses and observing various Easter customs and traditions.

On such Easter tradition is that of the Easter bunny or hare. It is said that the Easter bunny lays Easter eggs for children who have been good throughout the year. Children look forward to this day as they await the Easter bunny and the Easter eggs that he gives them. You can make this Easter a lot more fun for you kids by teaching them how to make their very own Easter bunny. Making stuffed Easter bunnies at home is not only very easy, but also makes for a great Easter activity for your kids. Learn how to make stuffed Easter bunnies at home by following these simple instructions.

How to Make Stuffed Easter Bunnies

You can have your kids make stuffed Easter bunnies by using cotton, sponges and other materials. These stuffed Easter bunnies can be used to decorate your house, decorate baskets or gift them to your dear ones. Here are some patterns to make stuffed Easter bunnies for gifting your near and dear ones:

Fluffy Easter Bunny: To make a fluffy stuffed Easter bunny

  • First start by making the ears of the bunny .Cut out the ears using hard paper and then place a cloth with patterns over the cut out and stitch the ears with the help of a sewing machine.
  • To make the bunny’s body you need to draw the outline of the bunny picture on paper.
  • Use white soft fleece/wool/cotton for the body of the bunny. To harden the fleece/cotton so that it does not move while stitching it together add paper between layers of fleece.
  • Now place the fleece/wool/cotton on the paper cut-out and iron the stuffing material.
  • Now you can fix the ears with the help of pins on the bunny. Make sure you don’t pin to the outline of the bunny.
  • Once you are done pinning the ears, start stitching onto the pencil mark outline that you have drawn.
  • Once you are done with the stitching carefully takes out the bunny from the rest of the stuffing.
  • Now fix the ears on the top of the head .
  • Make balls with the stuffing and insert between the layers of fleece/wool/cotton.
  • Once you are done with fillings than close the opening by stitching it with the help of white thread.
  • Cut out two dots to form the eyes and pink colour muzzle using pink or red cloth.
  • For the tail of the bunny, you can wind up yarn around the fingers.
  • Take out the yarn and with the help of scissors cut the tail and trim the yarn and fix it on the bunny.

Making a stuffed Easter bunny at home is a very easy task. You can also dress your stuffed Easter bunny in clothes that you can stick out of discarded cloth material. Follow these simple tips given here to learn how to make stuffed Easter bunnies to gift someone or decorate your Easter baskets.

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