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How to Make Knitted Easter Bunnies

The Easter bunny is a very popular symbol of Easter. Many people celebrate Easter by gifting their friends and loved ones gifts that they have made themselves. Knitted Easter bunnies are a great gift that you can gift your kids, friends or relatives on Easter.

Nowadays Easter bunnies are easily available in the stores to gift your near ones. But handmade knitted Easter bunnies have great importance and affection, as it shows someone that you care for them. Making a knitted Easter bunny is very simple if you know the basics of knitting. Here we can learn how to make knitted Easter bunnies that you can gift your loved ones on Easter. These knitted Easter bunnies are great gifts for your kids.

How to Make Knitted Easter Bunnies

Knitting is a very simple technique and once you master it, it can be a very interesting hobby. Now let us look at how to make a knitted Easter bunny by following steps:

To start with the knitted bunny you need to have

  • 4ply yarn in pink, black and fur colour, you also can use grey ,brown or cream colour,
  • 1 pair of 2.25mm needles and 2 double pointed 2.25mm needles to start knitting. Make sure you follow the steps in proper order to miss in between.
  • You can start with fur colour yarn and 2.25 needles and cast 13 stitches .
  • You can leave some portion of the yarn for sewing up later.
  • Start purling first row and continue to create approximate 18 rows in the total.
  • Cut the ball of yarn leaving few inches for sewing up and thread a needle with this end.
  • Now make a small circle of cloth and try to place it at the back where you need to embroider the face.
  • Start with the pink yarn and use 1 stitch across and 1 stitch downwards to create a cute nose for the bunny.
  • Knot the yarn at the back and remove the excess with the help of scissors.
  • Add stuffing’s of the ball just behind the face of the little bunny and join back the body using mattress stitch .
  • Now tie a yarn around the body and little bit of yarn at the bottom to form the neck of the bunny.
  • Now start making the tail and use this thread to catch up bottom of the body.
  • Seal the body cavity and tie the thread tightly before you trim the excess thread.
  • For the limb you need to cast on 4 stitches with the double pointed needles and knit a short cord around 6 – 8 rows in length.
  • Start knotting from the middle of the ball to the end to form a tail.
  • For rabbit ears you need to follow these 5 stitches. K1, P1, K1, P1, K1 – repeat this row 5 times more to give 6 rows from cast on.7th row: K1, P3 together, K1
    8th row: K1, P1, K1. 9th row: K1, K2 together, pass 1st stitch over.
  • Using the thread of the cast tail pass it to the centre of the ear and tie this thread to cast on tail.
  • Now at the last stage join all the body parts join the ears on the top of the head by using some yarn and tie the knot properly before trimming the excess.

You can follow this simple procedure on how to make knitted Easter bunnies this Easter. This is a simple procedure to make knitted Easter bunny and gift your little ones on the Easter day.

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