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How to Draw Easter Bunnies

The Easter hare has been associated with Easter for centuries, over time the Easter hare has become the Easter bunny, a cute cuddly figure that children love and look forward to on Easter morning. People are interested in gifting Easter bunnies to their relatives and friends as a sign of prosperity on the Easter day. Easter bunnies are also used to decorate Easter baskets with bunnies surrounding the basket to depict the spirit of Easter among people. Children are the most excited about Easter bunnies and love to make their own Easter bunnies at home. You can teach your child how to draw an amazing Easter bunny by following this simple tutorial on how to draw Easter bunnies.

How to Draw Easter Bunnies

It can be a lot of fun for kids to learn how to draw an Easter bunny that they can then gift to someone. These handmade Easter bunny pictures can also be used to decorate Easter baskets. Drawing Easter bunnies is an easy task and requires a little bit of patience. Here are some of the steps that you can follow to draw Easter bunny and use it for several purposes:

  • First draw a big circle to represent the bunnies face.
  • Now draw two half disc shapes for his cheeks.
  • Now you can make two floppy lines for drawing his ears and draw another circle to draw to show the shape of the body.
  • Once the body lines are proper you can be able to draw the hind feet and front arms of the bunny.
  • Now thicken the shape of the ears and colour the eyes in black.
  • You can now draw a small W shape for his nose.
  • Draw puff around the hands and the arms of the bunny.
  • Draw thick lines for his hands and arms to represent thick fur on his body.
  • Make a rough lining for the basket and then draw a comma shape to draw small chick near his paws.
  • Now draw proper big ears for the bunny keep one ear turned at one side and other in straight position.
  • Draw a nose on the W shape and make a small opening for the bunnies mouth.
  • Draw the shape to the basket with the handle and draw some semicircle eggs in the basket.
  • Add a cute and stout tail for the bunny.
  • Add some whiskers and make the ears look.
  • Add wicker shape to the basket to give final touch .
  • Finishes up the chick by drawing the body feathers and beak.

Your very own Easter bunny is now ready. You can decorate or color this handmade Easter bunny picture by using colors of your choice. These hand drawn Easter bunnies can be used to make great Easter cards or can be put up in your kids room as decorations.You can use this tutorial on how to draw Easter bunnies to teach your kids how to draw Easter bunnies at home.

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