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Easter Wreath Ideas

Easter wreaths placed on your door are a welcome signs for people coming over to your place on Easter. Easter wreaths not only look good, add a festive touch to the celebration of Easter. Wreath displayed on the door can bring smile and increase the happiness while entering the house on Easter day. Easter wreaths also welcomes the spring season with the beginning of new life in Christian community

Easter Wreaths are made up of different styles and by using different items. While you can buy ready-made Easter door wreaths from the store, making these Easter decorations at home can be a simple task. We have some Easter wreath ideas that can refer to and learn how to make Easter wreaths to decorate your door and home.

Easter Wreath Ideas

Easter Flower Wreath: You can choose flowers such as irises, jasmine and hyacinths to make an Easter flower wreath. For the base of the wreath you can use foam and some ribbons. Poke the flowers into the foam, cover the base completely ensuring that no gaps are left. Now you can use ribbons to decorate your Easter wreath.

Easter Egg Wreath: To make an Easter Egg wreath, you can use a plastic wreath base and add plastic eggs of different colours to the wreath. Place these eggs in different fashion and form a perfect pattern .Once the pattern is ready; attach the eggs to the base of the plastic wreath base with the help of glue. Once the eggs have dried wrap the ribbon around the wreath leaving a loop to hang the wreath, you can also add Easter wishes or greetings on the wreath.

Easter Fur wreath: To make a n Easter fur wreath, take a plastic wreath base and attach artificial fur in required direction and with the help of glue, stick the fur to the plastic base in a circular fashion. Place some colourful designed eggs in between the fur and hang the wreath on the door.

Easter Bunny wreath: Easter bunny wreaths are an excellent idea for kids, as kids will love Easter bunnies, You can use these Easter bunny wreath not only to decorate your doors, but decorate your kids room as well.  To make a bunny wreath, cut out bunny shapes from foam. Use different colored markers to draw the bunny’s face. Arrange these bunnies in the circular fashion without leaving a gap in between .Use plastic wreath base and stick these bunnies to the wreath with the handle to hang on the door. You can use pink, white and yellow foam to make these bunnies.

Jelly Easter Wreath: To make a Jelly Easter wreath, use a hard cardboard that is cut into a circular fashion. Use colourful jellies and stick them on to the cardboard without leaving a gap in between .You can even create your own designs while sticking the jellies in different fashion. Attach a big bow at the top of wreath to give a brighter look.  This is a unique pattern to design a wreath but requires little bit of patience to stick each jelly.

You can use these Easter Wreath ideas to make beautiful Easter wreath decorations at home. You can also learn how to make Easter wreaths using candies; clothes pegs, green grass, shells to design a unique wreath.

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