The festival of Easter is a very important festival for the Christians across the world. This festival is the most important of all christian festivals according to the christian calender. Easter has been celebrated for centuries in remembrance of the day that the Lord Jesus Christ resurrected from the tomb on the third day of his being crucified at the cross. This day is celebrated as it bring hope, new life and joy to mankind.

Easter day is a joyous day, when people attend church service in the morning, greet and wish each other with Easter wishes and exchange Easter gifts. Easter wishes are the best way of sharing your joy , happiness and also a great way of spreading the message of Easter among friends, family and fellow believers.

Easter wishes have been a long standing tradition that has been associated with this blessed day, the tradition of wishing each other on Easter day dates back to the early christian days and one can also find reference of people greeting each other with Easter wishes like ” the lord is risen” in the gospels and scriptures. You can use Easter wishes to greet friends and family on Easter, decorate banners with these blessed Easter day wishes or even use these Easter wishes to personalize an Easter day greeting card. Easter wishes ware a great way of wishing someone in the morning and is sure to bring a smile on peoples faces.

Here we have hand picked some of the best Easter day wishes that you can write down or memorize and use these wishes to greet people on Easter day, you can also use these Easter day wishes to write a greeting on an Easter wreath or decorate your Easter banner with these Easter wishes. These Easter wishes can also be used to personalize your greeting cards, party invitation cards or can also be made into a part of the decorations on your Easter eggs and Easter baskets. Feel free to browse through our collection of Easter wishes and use these blessed wishes to spread the joy, happiness and the message of Easter amongst friends family and fellow believers on this blessed day.

Easter Wishes

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