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Easter Wicker Baskets

Wicker Easter baskets are a wonderful idea to gift someone special on Easter day. Easter is celebrated with the arrival of spring and people love to gift Easter baskets filled with gifts and goodies to their loved ones and friends on this day. An Easter wicker basket is a best gift to surprise someone with love and affection. There are many options available to gift an Easter basket, but the traditional wicker basket is been around for many years and people prefer to use them when giving someone an Easter basket.

Wicker baskets are strong baskets that can hold many things at a time. When gifting someone a basket, you need to ensure that your basket not only looks good but is also strong enough to hold all the items put in it. You can use your own creative ideas and decorate your Easter wicker basket with them to make your basket look bright. There are certain procedures you need to follow to make a perfect Easter wicker basket. Let us see how to make a wicker basket:

How to make a Wicker Easter Basket:-

To make an Easter wicker basket

  • To start with you need to create the base for the basket by weaving the reeds. You should make sure you need to keep the reeds vertically on the surface of the ground. Then wave five more reeds horizontally to create a square in the centre .Make sure the reeds are perpendicular to each other as the base.
  • Now you can slowly bend the corners of the basket using clothespins, bend the reeds in such a way that one should be on the top and other at the bottom in the sides of the basket. Find a reed from the centre of one side and split the others, now wave the split reed in and out from the other reeds.
  • Before weaving the basket, decide on the pattern you want to create for your basket as each pattern will be different from others. Twining is the best pattern to use for basket designing. Grab two to four elements of the reed and wrap them around the reed to create a base for the basket and make sure that they are hold tightly.
  • After you weave in and out and when you reach the end, push it properly at the inside of the basket.
  • Repeat this procedure until you have few reeds remaining from the bases that are sticking out.
  • Use scissors to trim the ends of the reeds to give them an even look leaving half inch sticks at the top.
  • Now push the reeds inside the basket where they can stick tightly to the reed that are present inside.
  • Now take a big size reed and fix it to the top edge of the basket .Pass a thinner reed around the basket and sew it. Continue this process until you go around the top edge. Push the end of this reed properly inside the basket and attach it firmly.
  • Once you are done with the wicker basket you can take a strong reed and attach a handle to the basket from either sides by placing the reed into the inner side of the basket.

Making an Easter wicker basket out of reeds, this is a very simple and easy way to design a wicker basket. You can decorate your Easter wicker basket using bright and colourful shades, these beautiful Easter baskets are the perfect gift for someone.

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