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Easter Verses for Kids

Easter verses for kids are the best way of teaching your kids about Easter. Easter bible verses for kids can also be used by adults while greeting kids on Easter or for writing out greeting cards fro kids on Easter. Easter verses for kids are fun loving verses that brings smile on your kids face.

You can get your kids to memorize Easter verses for kids and have them recite these verses when you are having a family get together or an Easter party. Your kids can also recite these Easter verses for kids in the church and catch the eyes of people and get appreciated. You can also arrange Easter games, where you can have kids and adults recite these amazing Easter bible verses for kids. Browse through our collection of Easter verses for children that you can use this Easter.

Easter Verses for kids

“Jesus Christ crucified

His blood shed for all

The sacrificial Lamb of God

Arose as Lord of Lords

And we can all rejoice today

In what our Lord has done

No sacrifice can be compared

To that of God’s dear Son.”

… M.S.Lowndes

“ This year the Easter

Bunny is so excited

about delivering eggs

and candy… He’s a real

basket case!

Happy Easter!”

“Guess who’s hop, hop, hopping your way?

To wish you a hap, hap, happy Holiday.

Loaded with goodies made just for you.

It’s the Easter Bunny

That’s who.”

“The tiny bunny

Is working all day long

Decorating Easter eggs

While humming a song

He is having so much fun

Making eggs for you and me

And small chocolate bunnies

That he gives away free

But when he is finished

He’ll bring them your way

In a big coloured basket

Upon Easter day”

“More than Easter bunnies

And chocolate eggs galore

Is the cross of Calvary

The sacrifice of our Lord

For Jesus is the reason

We all can celebrate

And come to Him to freely receive

His love and saving grace.”

… M.S.Lowndes

“May the spirit of hope

That Easter brings

Help you find

Contentment in little things

And restore your faith

In the Lord above

Who gave His life

For the ones He loves.”

You can use these Easter verses for kids to greet people a “Happy Easter” on Easter.


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