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Easter Table Decoration Ideas

When having family and guests over at your place on Easter, it is very important that your house is decorated in colourful Easter decorations. One of the most important part of the eastern decorations is the Easter table decoration. Easter dinner table decoration is the main focus for any Easter day lunch, dinner or parties, it is very important that your Easter table decoration is in line with the rest of the decorations done at your home. When planning on your Easter table decoration, you need to ensure that you decorate your Easter tableware in a way that is not only unique and beautiful, but should catch the eyes of your guests.

Decorate the table with Easter theme to give unique look to your table .A well decorated Easter table not only looks beautiful but also adds to the festivities of the season.

Easter table decoration ideas

When planning on Easter table decorations, you do not need to buy expensive and elaborate decorations for your table. You can make a few simple yet beautiful Easter table decorations things available at your place. Here are some Easter table decoration ideas that can be used to decorate the table and look grand:

Table Runners: When making Easter table runners, you can use white colour table runner and have some flower decorations on the table runner. Easter table runners can be made using discarded fabric of different colours and by using scissors to cut out some shapes of flowers with different fabrics. You can take green fabric to make leaves and grass to the flowers. With the help of needle stitch the leaves and flowers at both the bases of white runner and put it on the table. These flowery Easter table runners not only look amazing, but give your table a festive look.

Easter Bunny Napkin Rings: Using Easter symbols like bunnies, chicks and eggs to decorate your Easter table is a great idea. Easter bunny napkin rings make for the perfect Easter table decoration and give an outstanding look to the table. To make a bunny napkin ring, you can take a white and pink paper towel and a left out role. You have to wind a white paper towel to the roll and cut two black eyes for the bunny. For the mouth cut a v shape and place two white teeth with W shape pink nose. Cut out pink and white towel to form ears and stick them on the top of the circular role. Take a white napkin and fold it in diamond shape and insert it into the roll. You can keep this on the table next to the dinnerware for the perfect Easter look.

Easter Egg Flower Vase: Easter eggs are synonymous with Easter. An Easter egg flower vase is a great Easter table decoration idea. To make an Easter egg flower vase take a cup or small bowl, cut out flower petals from colored paper and paste them around the neck of the cup. Now put a few decorated Easter eggs inside the cup and you have a great Easter egg vase.

Easter Table Centrepiece: For a great Easter table centrepiece, you can take a few small dried up branches and place them in a glass vase with colored stones. You can get some coloured paper to make flowers out of it. If you want than you can use single colour paper and place them on the dry branches. This is a long lasting centrepiece that can be kept on the table to make your table look different from others.

Use these Easter table decorating ideas and make your table look unique and beautiful.

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