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Easter Sunday School Craft Ideas

Easter is in the air as the day is approaching soon. This day brings in a lot of good wishes and luck to the people.  Easter Sunday is perhaps the most highly attended Sunday by the Christians out of the entire year as this day holds a lot of importance in the Christian calendar. Most of the children and adults don’t miss to attend the mass in the church on this day. In most of the churches, they organize Easter Sunday school craft ideas or activities for kids to keep them busy.

Some churches arrange for some religious Easter craft for children to make them understand their religion more deeply. Bible Easter crafts idea tutorials are available in many books but attending Easter Sunday school craft activities will increase the interest of your kid. Christian teachers are often called to give necessary guidance to the children. The Easter Sunday school craft ideas will improve your child’s skills. The Easter Sunday craft ideas need to be easy and inexpensive crafts that will reinforce the Easter message. You can have a look at the Easter Sunday craft ideas that will help your kid to choose the best craft:

Bunny hat: These hats can be used by the kids during the party or Easter get together. You can take a plain hat that fits you well. Take a tissue paper and measure the size of the hat. Fold the tissue paper by facing the wrong side on the top and draw outline of the bunny with the help of pencil. Cut the shape of the bunny accordingly to obtain a chain of bunnies in a line. With the help of the glue, stick them on to the hat. Swirl raffia around to look like a nest and stick the nest on the top of the hat and spray paint the egg with sparkling color and fix it on the top of the hat.

Rabbit CD face: You can take two CDs and paint them in white color and keep it for drying. Once they dry up, stick CDs with the glue. Take pink construction paper and construct two ears and legs for the rabbit. You can further use black color pen and draw the eyes, mouth and nose for the rabbit. You can take a red color ribbon and tie a bow on the neck of the rabbit.

Egg shell plant pot: You have to clean the shell of the egg properly by rinsing it with hot water and keep for drying. Now, you need to form a hard base to the pot with the help of hard cardboard paper. With the help of different shades of colors, paint the eggshell with different designs. Put fertile soil in the egg shell and put some seeds or beans to germinate. Keep them for few weeks to germinate. Beans will germinate within less duration of time. Put little water into the pot and when it germinates keep the plant in the sun.

Paper plate duck: You can instruct the kid to trace their hands on the yellow color construction paper and cut them to form the tail of the bird. You can use a small paper plate and fold them and color them by using yellow paint. You can cut the same yellow construction paper in a circular fashion to serve as the head of the duck. Draw two eyes, a diamond shape beak to the duck.Cut two oval shape feet to the duck connected with a strip of paper and then cut it in the zigzag manner to form the fingers of the duck.

These Easter Sunday craft ideas will help your child to work in a team and enjoy the Easter Sunday with some creative thoughts.

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