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Easter Party Invitation Wordings

Each year people throw an Easter party to celebrate the coming of Easter. Easter is one of the biggest feast days in the Christian calendar, according to the gospels Easter is the day that the Lord Jesus Christ resurrected from the tomb. Easter is also celebrated as it heralds the onset of spring after a long cold winter.

Easter parties are hosted each year to celebrate the hope that the Lord Jesus Christ gave man, by sacrificing himself at the cross. Easter parties also celebrate the ending of the 40 day Lenten fasting period where people fast, pray and offer penance for their sins.

If you are planning on throwing an Easter party, the first thing you need is a good Easter party invitation. While you can buy ready to use Easter party invitations from your local stores, it is more fun when you make these Easter party invitation cards at home. You can also use some great Easter party invitation wordings to personalize your party invitations for friends and family. Easter party invitation wordings need to be inspired and related to your Easter party theme or by various Easter symbols and motifs.

You can also decorate your Easter party invitation by adding Easter Party Invitation Wordings. Some of the Easter party invitation wordings that can be used for Easter invitations are:

“Happy Easter, Hop on over to our house Easter Sunday and join us in a Easter Egg Hunt”

“The Easter Bunny has appeared in gardens and on lawns To welcome little girls and boys who hunt for eggs at dawn.”

“Happy Easter Put on your Easter Bonnet with all the frills and come to an Easter Party”

“E is for the eggs, painted in bright colors

A is for the ascension we celebrate today

S is for the spring that brings the world new life

T is for the table around which we sit to pray

E is for everyone who comes to share this special day

R is for the roads we travel on the way

Please join us at our house for Easter dinner”

“On Easter morning We come together To celebrate God’s love And are thankful for The new life He gave us When He rose to Heaven above. Please join our family on Easter Sunday To celebrate our blessings.”

“Hop on over to our house on Easter Sunday and join us for lots of fun and prizes in a Easter Egg Hunt”

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