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Easter party Invitations

Invitations for Easter party  can be done in very innovative and personalized way. While making an invitation card for Easter celebration one has to keep various things in mind, like the invitation card should be personalized and should be unique because invitations set the tone for the event. Your Easter party invitation should contain some very catchy wording, Verses and Sayings in it, which should define the spirit of Easter. Even if you are not celebrating Easter, it would be a good idea to invite friends or relatives over for dinner by sending them amazing Easter invitation cards. You can also make delightful Easter party invitations by making them look like an Easter bunny or egg.

When choosing an Easter party invitation design, one can use Easter crafts craft to design these invitations in a very personalized way. Some of the designs that can be used are of eggs and bunnies along with other characters. Easter party invitation cards can be made with the help of colors and pastels ranging from yellow to lavender to pink, purple or light green. We can choose Easter party invitations featuring furry Easter bunny, Easter eggs, or baskets. We can add tiny yellow chicks and filigree egg designs.

Some of the designs that can be used are that of Easter Egg Cards or Rainbow Glitter Easter Egg Cards which can impress your Easter party invitees. To make an Easter egg party invitation card you will need lain Card stock, Strip of decorative paper, Scissors, hole punch, Scoring tool, Ribbon, Pencil, Marker.

To make the card you need to:

  • Draw egg shape in the card.
  • Cut out the egg shape.
  • Cut out decorative paper with the shape of the egg cutout leaving some space on top and bottom for the egg to be visible.
  • Make two holes in the decorative paper along with the egg cutout and insert a thread through them to tie them together.
  • Put some good Easter message on top and send them to your invitees.

Rainbow Glitter Easter Egg Party Invitation Card

To make a Rainbow Glitter Easter Egg party invitation card, we will need Yellow and pale Pink Cardstock, Art Glitter Fine Vintage Glass Glitter, Table Spoon, ,Copy Paper: one sheet for each glitter color and embossing powder, Sticky Paper: Art Glitter, Sticky Strip, Art Glitter, Designer Dries Clear adhesive, Stamp, Glue Stamp Pad, Clear Embossing Powder, Heat Tool, Decorative Scissors.

To make the card you need to:

  • Cut and fold pink card to any size.
  • Stamp egg image onto yellow card stock with the help of glue.
  • Put on a glitter color of your choice. Cover the image with glitters. Tap off the excess color.
  • Cover entire image with embossing powder.
  • Cut egg out with decorative scissors, leaving a small border around edge of egg.
  • Place egg in center of sticky paper carefully.
  • Put on a line of glitter across sticky paper.
  • Continue to cover exposed sticky paper with glitter lines, alternating colors. Cover entire image with Old Gold ultrafine glitter to fill in any open spaces.
  • Trim approx. ¼” edge off front open flap of card with decorative scissors.
  • Glue rainbow glittered egg to center of card. Place glue dots around border allowing space for another dot in-between each one. Spoon on glitter color of choice, place more glue dots in-between glittered dots and glitter with a different color.

You can use these amazing Easter party invitation ideas to create amazing Easter party invitation cards and invite your near and dear ones over for an Easter party or a family get together.

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