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Easter Party Ideas for Kids

Easter is enjoyed by everyone especially children. Easter is one holiday that children enjoy along with their parents at home. Easter party for kids are specially becoming more and more popular because of the fun that it brings to kids. By creating a special Easter party idea for kids, one can create a lifelong memory for kids.

One should pay special attention to Easter party invitations and party decorations when planning a Easter party. You should also ensure that your Easter party menu caters to the kids when thinking of having Easter party for kids. The invitation should have design and wordings that should be appealing to kids.

The main colors that should be used for decoration during Easter are pastel colors like purple, pink, lavender, yellow, light green. One can also put fabric color clothes on top of tables to give it more earthy look. You could also make cups out of paper and put bunny ears, bunny ears, and a cotton-ball tail to make it look like a rabbit.

Party Menu

Cakes and Snacks

No Easter feast is complete without a rabbit carrot cake, candy egg-topped cup cakes, or Easter bunny cookies. Easter Cake should be the main dish for any kids Easter party. Some of the cake recipes that can used in any Easter party for kids are Individual jelly bean cupcakes. They are simple to do and fun to eat. You can also serve Frost cupcakes with a festive spring colored icing and top with jelly beans. Other popular ones is Coconut which can be made into the shape of a bunny.

Easter brunch foods that kids like are egg-and-cheese strata, baked French toast, bacon, sausage, scalloped potatoes, hot-cross buns, a cheese-and-cracker tray, fruit salad, and a hearty hash brown casserole. Simple refreshments like sandwiches and fruit are the perfect thing for a sunny afternoon. One can also make sandwiches of peanut butter and jelly and then cut  them into shapes of bunnies, lambs, chicks and eggs.

One of the Great Easter party idea for kids is to make someone appear in Bunny costume and take pictures of the children with the Easter bunny. The picture of kids will be cherished forever.

Easter Party Games

Easter Egg Hunt: A kids Easter party is incomplete without an Easter egg hunt game. Kids enjoy the thrill of searching for eggs and then the gratification of finding them.

Cookie Decorating: Kids love to decorate treats, so set up lots of fun decorations. You can either give them cupcakes or plain sugar cookies shaped like Easter eggs.

Relay Race: Organize a relay race for kids outside. Divide them into teams, and use a spoon as relay. Each person must run to a marked distance holding the spoon with a candy or plastic egg.

Pin the Tail on the Bunny: Blindfold the kids and make them try to pin a tail on the bunny where it should go.before their turn. Whoever gets the closest to to the tail position, wins.

Egg Bowling: Place an egg on the floor. Ask kids to roll their own eggs towards it. Whoever is closest, wins.

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