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Easter Party Food Ideas

Easter is the most important Christian festival that is celebrated by people all over the world. Easter is celebrated to commemorate the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ, and is also a time that welcomes spring season with great pomp and joy. People have great time by partying together with their friends and families on Easter. Whenever you talk about an Easter party the first thing that comes to mind is the Easter party food. Easter parties are a welcome change from the 40 days of Lenten fasting and penance. Easter party food is the main attraction of an Easter party and people love to taste different variety of food when attending an Easter party.

Easter party food ideas can be referred to choose the different food items you would like to serve during your party on the Easter day. Mostly people love to keep some traditional Easter party food ideas to celebrate Easter in the traditional way. Easter party snacks can also be added in conjunction with the Easter party main course to add spice to your menu. There are many different Easter food recipes available to make some new dishes on the Easter day but mostly people would prefer some traditional food items as they have become all-time favorite food items .Here are some of the Easter party food ideas that can be used to celebrate the party:

Easter Party Food Ideas

Easter Devil eggs: This is all time favorite recipes of all the Christians people as egg is the traditional symbol of Easter: An Easter without egg is incomplete. Eggs can be boiled and shelled by keeping the eggs in cold water. Deviled eggs can be served during an Easter party as sandwich fillings or as a dip or even as a salad.

Easter Lamb or Ham: Easter ham or lamb dishes are a traditional staple on Easter dinner tables. It is believed that lamb represents the Christ and by eating this food we can recollect the sacrifice made by the Christ on Easter day. Roasted ham can be prepared by placing the meat in the roaster and cooking it for some time with excess of oil. You can serve roasted lamb or ham sandwiches during an Easter party.

Easter Cakes: You can bake some bunny shaped cake with any flavor by using chocolate or vanilla flavor preferably. Cut two triangle shapes to form the ears of the bunny and with the help of red ribbon tie a bow to the bunny. You can prepare huge quantity of cupcakes made out of carrot and place some jelly toppings to look more appealing for the guests.

Easter Jelly Bean Carrots: You can serve small children’s with the jelly bean carrot in the form of dessert. You can take a plastic cone and fill some orange jellies and place some green candies on the top of orange jellies in the shape of a carrot. You can use some Easter grass to fill at the top of the carrot to give awesome look to the dessert. You can even gift this jelly bean carrot as a token of love at the end of the party.

Chocolate Easter Nest: to make a chocolate Easter nest, you can take noodles and form the noodles in the shape of a nest, you can then dip the noodle nest into chocolate sauce and sprinkle crushed nuts on the nest. You can also add decorated Easter eggs to complete the look.

Easter party food ideas can be useful for throwing a grand and a unique party and make your guest happy by making their tummy full with awesome food ideas.

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