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Easter party Favor Ideas

It is always a good idea to thank your guest who come on your invitation to your Easter Party and get some well thoughts gift for you. Party Favors are one of the ways to thank them. Gifting all your expected as well unexpected guests could send them home with a smiling face that could make an impression for a lifetime.

Easter Party Favors do come with some price tags. So a proper planning should be done in advance on the type of favors that one needs to give. You should always keep some extra guests in mind for some unexpected ones turning up for your party. Easter party favor should be selected keeping in mind about the guests, their sibling and kids. Keeping an eye on the budget one should select Easter party favor. If you are expecting few guests, then you can go for a few expensive items going by your budget. You should opt for separate favors for Adults and children. As favors, that will liked by adults may not be liked by children.

Selecting Easter Party Favors for adults can be done by going for items like fresh herbs, Flowering Seeds, Bright Baskets filled with Hot-cross Buns, Decorative Flower Pots, Individually-sized Baskets with Chocolate Truffles, Fresh Flower Bouquets, Sachet of Home-Grown Vegetables, Perfumed Candles, Animal Salt and Pepper Shakers or Salad Server Sets.

For Children one can go for Easter party favor items like flashlights or coloring books or yo-yo’s or items like stickers, pencils and candy baskets.  You should wrap your favors in cellophane and tie them with a ribbon. Some of the other items that can be gifted are Stuffed Bunnies, Colorful Eggs, Finger Puppets, Key Chains, Bunny Ears, Easter Tattoos, Painted Egg Candles, Bubbles, Stuffed Chicks, Plastic Easter Eggs, with small candies and coins inside, Easter-themed Coloring Books, Chocolate Eggs Easter Baskets.

If you are expected a lot of guests then it will always be a good idea to have some DIY favors made at home as they will be not that expensive and also you can personalize them according to your liking. Some of the Easter party favors that could be made at home are crepe paper carrots, goody bags to put gifts in it. Eggs filled with candies or chocolates. Gifts made of crafts can also be done. Personalized fortune cookies can be made at home with ease. Cookie and candy basket is also a good idea.

Some of the personalized Easter party favors that could be gifted are Get chocolate boxes stamped with the guests’ names, Write the guests’ names in calligraphy on decorative pastel ceramic eggs, Get your guests’ names engraved on small tins of mints, Miniature straw baskets filled with pink, yellow and blue jellybeans or Jordan almonds, Tuck egg-shaped porcelain boxes with a decadent chocolate truffle, and  you can also Decorate large glass containers with pastel ribbons and fill them up with delicious Easter treats.

The above mentioned Easter party favors can make a lasting impression on your guest who come to your party and make your festival filled with joy and fun.

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