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Easter Outdoor Games

Easter is approaching and people started to plan for celebrating the holiday with lot of activities and have fun. Easter is a time to have blast with your friends and relatives by arranging some Easter outdoor games that can be played anywhere whether you are at home or at a picnic spot. There are plenty Easter outdoor games that will be power-packed with energy and fun when played in groups. While playing these Easter outdoor games it requires number of players whether they are young or old can actively participate and enjoy the game to the fullest.

Easter outdoor games are very simple and may require lot of space while running and playing the game. Easter outdoor games make you active while running and don’t feel you bored during the Easter party. You can arrange some kids or couple Easter outdoor games specially to get them into the Easter mood. Check out some of the Easter outdoor games to entertain the guests:

Easter Outdoor Games

Easter Egg bocce game: This is an awesome game that requires eight dyed eggs with two different colors .You can dye 4 eggs of single color and rest with different color. You can also keep one hard boiled plain egg for the game. Form a team of two players and choose one of the players to toss the plain egg on the center of the garden grass. The two players than alternately try to toss the four eggs on to the targeted plain egg that s placed in the middle of the playing area .After you finish with the toss give award to the person who is closest to the targeted egg or the person who hits the plain egg.

Easter Freezing game: This is a pretty interesting game that involves many players to form a team of two. Make a circle by standing in such a way that one partner will stand in front the other .One person should be a seeker and catch the other person and start the game. The person should start running around the circle and suddenly come and stand in front of the two partners. Once the person comes and stands the person who is standing at the back should start running and the seeker should run to catch him and continue till you feel like playing.

Easter Knock the ball: This game can be played by the kids as well as adults. You can arrange some empty cans or boxes from the house and make them stack on each other .Now you can stand two feet away from the stack and knock the ball with the help of small ball .The person who kicks the ball wins the game. This is a very simple game but requires lot of attention and concentration to hit the ball.

Easter Hen and chick game: You can make stand one person in the middle as hen trying to round about the chicks. When the other person calls for the chicks all the small cute little chicks run from one point to other and make the mother hen to catch the little chick’s .If you catch them than they should stay with mother hen and try to catch other chicks.

These Easter outdoor games are fun games to be played when you are going out together with a large group and makes a good entertainment being with friend and make your friends remember these days.

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