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Easter Games for Toddlers

Easter is a festival that is not only enjoyed by the adults but preschoolers and toddlers can also enjoy this festival by getting involved in some fun loving activities and Easter games for preschoolers.

Easter games for preschoolers are specially designed for preschoolers and toddlers so that they are not left over during the Easter celebrations and enjoy the day as the rest of the crowd does. Easter games for preschoolers are pretty simple and very easy to understand. These games not only bring a smile to the face of these tiny tots, the parents seems to be very happy as well if you arrange some games for toddlers as they will have some free time to enjoy in their own way. These Easter games for toddlers will help the kids to learn and understand the skills to play independently in a group. These cute games for toddlers will also increase their imagination power and handle the task properly.

Easter Games for Preschoolers

Bunny Hop Game: You can play some simple games with the preschoolers that the toddlers can understand and have fun while playing. You can sit with your toddler and make your toddler to spin the dice .Allow the toddler to count the points on the dice and make him or her hop depending upon the points on the dice like a bunny.

Easter Candy Toss: You can draw three circles on a piece of paper .The inner circle will have five points, middle circle three points and the outer circle one point. Each player should take different color candy or egg also can be used in this game instead of candy. You can tell them to spin the candy over the circles .You can further count the number of points made by each player and give the prize.

Who Stole the Easter Egg: This is a very interesting game but you should make the child not to speak out in the middle of the game. One person should become a bunny and other kids should sit forming a circle. The bunny should go in another room. The egg is given to the kids and let one person hide the egg in his pocket. Once you hide the egg everyone should loudly say “who stole the egg “.Once the bunny will hear these words he will come and sit in the middle of the circle and guess who is having the egg. You can give him three chances to guess the right person. If he tells correctly than he deserves a prize and if he doesn’t than other person should start playing the game.

Mixed Game: You can fill the basket with goodies of Easter such as eggs, carrots, bunnies and so on .Let your kid separate them out and count each group of items .This will help them to improve their visibility and talent.

You can try some of the above Easter games for preschoolers and let your child enjoy Easter day with games.

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