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Easter Games for Children

Easter parties are some of the most looked forward to events in the year. People enjoy this day by throwing parties at their place and inviting guests for the Easter party and have fun. Children also enjoy this day by getting engaged in different activities those are associated with kids and make a memorable day. Easter games for the children are the best way to engage children in their favorite activity and make their visit filled with fun.

Easter games for children are fun when played by teams and the best part where the children enjoy is when they receive a prize after winning a game. After winning they become very happy and feel proud of themselves .There are various Easter games for kids that are associated with Easter themes. You can make your kids Easter a lot more fun by playing these Easter party games for kids during an Easter day party or a family get together.  We have a few Easter games for kids that your kids would love to play.

Easter Games for Kids

Easter Egg Race: The Easter egg race is very interesting game and children would love to play this game. To play this game you need to have Easter eggs painted with two colors. Keep single color egg in a line by keeping some distance from two eggs and at the end place a basket on both the sides with different color lines. Now you can form two teams and choose a leader of each team. The leaders can hold the spoon and take the eggs to the basket the player who succeeds to take the egg to the basket wins the game from his side.

Easter Count Game: You can place some colorful jellies in the jar and keep them in front of the kids. Now you can pass some paper cutouts to the kids and tell them to guess the number of jellies present in the jar .The person who tells the exact count or somewhere nearby the exact count wins the game.

Easter Trivia Hunt Game: This is a very interesting game that is preferred by most of the children to play .You have to list down a few questions on a piece of paper and make them to find out the answers by asking others .The winner will be the one who writes the questions correctly within the shortest time. You can arrange some questions in such a way that it gives the clue for the next question.

Three Legged Race: You can tie the legs of the two kid’s together right at the ankle and make them run to the end point whoever runs faster and reaches the end point wins the race.

Easter Sack Race: to play this game you need to give each kid a sack, they are play this sack race by jumping in the sack and reaching the end point.

These Easter games for children are quiet simple and easy to play. Your child will enjoy playing these Easter games for children and enjoy the day with broad smile on the face.

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