The Festival of Easter is one of the most important festivals on the Christian calendar. Easter is celebrated in commemoration of the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ on the third day of his being crucified on the cross of Calvary. Easter brings us new hope, hope of everlasting life for those who believe in God and also brings joy and happiness. Easter is also associated with the coming of spring after a hard and harsh winter. The festival of Easter, draws many customs and traditions form various pagan cultures and festivals that were observed to celebrate the coming of spring.

Easter is a joyous and happy festival, where everyone is filled with joy and happiness, every where you look there are new leaves, fresh green grass and birds chirping all around you. There are many traditions and customs that people have been following for centuries. Many of these traditions have been inspired from various pagan traditions followed during festivals like the festival of Eostre.

Easter Games form a very important part of Easter day celebrations across the world. Many different countries have their own Easter games and Easter game traditions that are played on this day as a mark of joy and happiness. Some of the most common games on Easter involve the Easter egg, Easter bunny and Easter chicks. These Easter games are not only meant for kids abut are also a great way of keeping adults entertained. Some of the most commonly followed Easter games are the Easter egg hunt, a game that is common in many countries. This game involves people hiding decorated Easter eggs and then having others find the Easter eggs. In ancient times, entire villages would participate in these Easter games like the Easter egg hunt, other games played on Easter day include Easter egg rolling, Easter bunny games etc.

You can use these Easter game ideas to host a kids party on Easter or can also use these traditional Easter games to have a great Easter with friends and family.

In this section we have compiled some of the best Easter games. These Easter games ideas are a mix of modern and traditional games played on Easter day. You can learn how to play these games by following these simple instructions. So learn how to play these fun filled games and have the most amazing Easter celebrations ever.


List of Easter Games

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