Easter Eggs

Easter is one of the most important Christian Festivals celebrated today; Easter marks the day when Jesus Christ resurrected, giving the world hope of new life. Easter has been celebrated for centuries by the faithful, who have observed various customs and traditions that have been passed on for generations.

One of the most important and fascinating traditions that is associated with Easter, is that of the Easter egg. The Easter egg tradition has been followed by Christians since the early days of Christianity. The Easter egg is seen as a symbol of Jesus Christ’s resurrection as the egg is seen to be in a dormant stage, containing a new life in it that is waiting to burst out into the world.

Origin of Easter Eggs:-

The earliest legend about Easter eggs is known through eastern Christianity, which suggests that Mary Magdalene brought cooked eggs to share with other women who were waiting outside Jesus Christ’s tomb.  It is said that while she was walking towards Jesus’ tomb with the basket of cooked eggs, she saw the resurrected Christ. It is said that at that moment the eggs in Mary’s basket turned a bright red in color. Another legend surrounding the Easter egg says that Mary Magdalene went to meet the Emperor of Rome after the Ascension of Jesus Christ. On seeing the emperor, she greeted him by saying” Christ has risen”, to this the emperor is said to have replied that “Christ is no more risen than that egg is red”. It is said that the moment that the emperor said these words, the egg on the table turned blood red.

The Meaning of Easter Eggs:-

In Eastern Catholic Churches, Easter eggs are dyed a bright red to symbolize the blood that Jesus Christ shed on the cross. The shell of the Easter egg symbolizes the tomb in which Jesus was laid, and the cracking of the Easter egg symbolizes his resurrection. The Easter eggs are also said to represent the boulder that was placed at the mouth of the tomb of Jesus.

The oldest known tradition of the Easter eggs is that of chicken eggs being painted red in color to symbolize the blood that Jesus Christ shed on the cross.

Easter Egg Traditions and Games:-

One of the traditions of the Easter egg suggests that as per early Christianity, people were forbidden to consume eggs during the Lenten periods. To ensure that the eggs laid during the Lenten period would not spoil, people would hard boil the eggs and store them to be eaten once the Lenten period was over, giving rise to the Easter egg tradition.

During Easter, there are many Easter egg traditions that have been passed down from one generation to another. Easter egg baskets are given to friends and family as gifts, Easter eggs are very popular with kids, who get these Easter eggs as gifts from their parents or have to participate in the traditional Easter egg hunt, where parents hide colored Easter eggs in and around the house on Easter morning; the Easter egg hunt is a fun filled event that is very popular with kids and adults alike on Easter day. Children who collect the largest eggs, or the most number of Easter eggs win a prize at the end of the hunt. Easter eggs are also kept in Easter baskets filled with straw so that it resembles a bird’s nest.

Another tradition involving the Easter egg is a traditional game of egg tapping played in Northern England where people use hard boiled eggs and try and hit the other person’s egg with their own. The person who has the last intact egg is considered the winner of the game.

The game of egg rolling is another traditional Easter egg game that is played by rolling Easter eggs down a hill. This game is still played by many people on Easter and is a main attraction on the white house lawn.

In this section we take a look at how to make Easter eggs out of chicken eggs and decorate them so that these decorated Easter eggs can be gifted to friends and family on Easter Morning. We also have some amazing Easter Eggs Recipes that you can use to make eggs out of chocolate and other confectionery material like marzipan.

Feel free to browse through our Easter egg recipes and articles on how to make and decorate homemade Easter eggs.

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