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Easter Egg Hunt Games

Easter is incomplete without the Easter egg hunt game as egg is the symbol of rebirth, and new life, both symbolic of Easter. The Easter egg hunt games involves decorated Easter eggs, hard boiled eggs or artificial eggs that are filled with the prizes or chocolates to attract small children to play this game. The Easter egg hunt game is a traditional Easter game that is played during Easter, however this game can also be played during birthday parties or adult parties as well. Easter egg hunt game can be played indoor or outdoor depending upon each ones choice but it is most fun when played in the garden. To play the Easter egg hunt game you need to distribute many prizes to the kids and adults while playing this game for collecting more eggs, smallest eggs or specific color eggs and so on and make your child feel happy about winning the prize. Let’s look at some fun Easter egg hunt games and how to play these Easter egg hunt games:

Basket Easter Egg Hunt Game: You can involve some puzzles while playing this Easter egg hunt game. Write down numbers on the eggs and hide them in an Easter basket.You can give some clues to reach to the basket and before they start to hunt the eggs let them first solve the puzzle to find the eggs. If they break the puzzle than let them know the way to find the egg. Once they find the eggs to open the eggs they have found out and let them find their surprise gift and feel happy. This is a lovely game and children’s will love to play the game. You can keep some time limit for hunting the eggs .You can give small gifts to all the kids as they will feel happy and worth coming for the party.

Task Easter Egg Hunt: This game requires a person to perform the task or play some games before they hunt an Easter egg. Divide the players according to the age to assign an appropriate task for their age .After they manage to finish the task allow them to find the eggs by giving the oral clues. Allow the participants to collect particular number of eggs as other people will not able to get eggs as the single person may find all the task before the other contestants finish the task.

Word Easter Egg Hunt: You can arrange the eggs colors according to the age. You can assign yellow color Easter eggs for toddlers, red color for adults and white color for youngsters and keep some vowels inside the eggs. Let the participants fine the eggs of their code color and allow parents to help their child if they are finding it difficult to search only for toddlers not for other age group kids. Keep some time limit and once they finish provide small piece of papers to write down the vowels they have received in the eggs. Give the prizes to those who have maximum numbers of vowels.

These Easter egg hunt games are very interesting and people will be happier if you arrange such type of games for the party.

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