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Easter Egg Games

Easter is a time for celebration with your friends and relatives. It is a time where you invite your friends and relatives for an Easter party or enjoy each others company and welcome the spring season. When throwing an Easter party, you need to ensure that you have planned for some Easter party games that can keep your guests entertained. Some of the best Easter party games include Easter egg games that reflect the mood of the Easter season.

There are different types of Easter egg games that you can organize during an Easter party, so you need to understand the rules of each game to ensure that everyone has fun. Easter egg is a traditional symbol that symbolizes new life and is synonymous with Easter. Playing an Easter egg is a good idea to get into festive mood and dedicate the day to Lord Jesus. By placing some Easter eggs in the games will enhance the interest of players and add fun to your party. Here are a few Easter egg games that you can organize during your Easter party:

Easter Egg Games:

Easter Egg Hunt Game: This is a traditional game played on the Easter day and without this game Easter celebration is incomplete. You can hide some Easter eggs in the garden and make your guests hunt for these decorated Easter eggs. Your guests would earn points depending upon the number of eggs collected by each player or you can even place some points on the each egg and count them at the end. The game is played for a specific period of time, and players need to find the maximum eggs during that time.

 Easter Egg Rolling: Easter Egg rolling is a traditional custom that is followed by many countries on the Easter day. This game is usually played on the slope of the hill so that it becomes easier for the egg to roll. You can give different patterned eggs to different player so that it becomes easier to guess the egg of each player. You can make the players take turns so that they can roll the eggs down the slope .The winner is the one that rolls the egg farthest or survives the most rolls.

Easter Egg Toss: This game can be played by forming two teams, each team plays with a basket of boiled eggs or raw eggs. You can choose two players to pair up and form a team and start the game with each team standing two feet away from each other. Give egg to one player of each team and when the whistle is blown each team should toss an egg from one player to another. Do not allow the egg to break otherwise the team will be out of the game. The remaining team should stand one step backward and continue with the same thing till you find the winning team.

Easter Egg Thief: You need to form two teams for playing this game. After forming two teams the egg is placed in between the two teams and each player should come to play the game. They should surround the egg in the middle and take turns and suddenly one person from either team should be able to take that egg and run in his team wins the game. You can repeat the games until all the players can play the game.

These Easter egg games can be used to play during the party and make your party more interesting for the guests.

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