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Easter Egg Decoration Ideas

Easter Egg Decoration IdeasEggs and Easter celebrations go hand in hand. Decorating Easter eggs can be a lot of fun, especially if it is made into a family event. Easter egg decoration is not just for kids, this is one event that adults can also be a part. Decorating Easter eggs is an art that one should learn from an experience person.

Easter celebrations are said to be incomplete without having the traditional decorated Easter eggs placed in Easter baskets, While you can buy decorated Easter eggs, from your local stores, making these amazing Easter eggs and decorating them yourself adds to the fun of Easter celebrations. There are different ways you can decorate eggs and using different ideas and techniques to create beautiful Easter eggs. Here we have a few ideas for decorating Easter eggs that you would find helpful. You can use these Easter egg decoration ideas to make and decorate your own Easter eggs and gift them to your friends.

Easter Egg Decoration Ideas

Crayon Easter Eggs: kids mostly get attracted to crayon Easter egg decorations as these eggs have varied colors and look beautiful .You can use different coloured crayons to create various designs on the egg shell .After you draw the designs you can add white vinegar in a coffee mug with food colour and let the egg rest in the mug for some time. This will help to brighten the effect of the designs on the egg and look more attractive.

Tissue Paper Easter Eggs: This is an amazing idea for decorating Easter eggs. You need to pour some starch in a bowl .After you add the starch you need to cut pieces of tissue and place them in the bowl. You can now take the tissue paper and cover the entire egg with this tissue paper coating. You can use different colours to make different designs out of tissue paper without leaving any white spots in between.

 Ribbon Easter Eggs: This is a very simple way and fast method to decorate Easter eggs.  First you need to boil the eggs properly and allow them to dry.  Once the eggs have dried,  you can apply different bright colours on the eggs, now take contrasting ribbons and stick the ribbons on the egg. You can also stick some beads on the top of the egg to make your ribbon Easter egg look more beautiful.

Flower Vase Egg: This is an interesting and attractive way of decorating your Easter eggs. You can colour the entire egg depending upon the colour of the flower you have chosen to make a flower vase. Keep the flower on top of the egg by piercing a small hole on the egg. Use a small flat rock that will be placed at the base of the egg and decorate it by using some beads that matches the stone.

Egg heads: This Easter egg decoration idea is great to make funny egg faces that bring a smile to everybody’s face .To make an egg head you need a boiled egg and some paint. You can paint various funny faces on the eggs to make them look funny..If you want to create bow on the head then you can use coloured construction paper to complete the face.

Egg mouse: This cute little egg mouse looks amazing when decorated with different colors. You can use colors like blue to paint the egg and make light blue or pink colour ears and by using pink pom pom stick a nose to the mouse. With the help of pipe cleaner attach the legs and a tail to the mouse .You can also use black colour pipe cleaner to form moustaches.

You can use these simple Easter egg decoration ideas to learn how to decorate Easter eggs  and make amazing designs and patterns will catch the everyone’s eye.

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