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Easter Egg Craft Ideas

Egg Craft IdeasEaster is a well-known religious festival that is celebrated by Christians at the end of the Lenten season. People gather together and enjoy the day with family or friends to share their valuable time. The Easter egg is great symbol of this festival and it is a sign of new life and rebirth. People love to decorate their houses with Easter eggs and get involve with the activities associated with Easter egg.

Easter egg craft ideas will fulfill your wish to decorate the house with your handmade Easter egg crafts. There are so many Easter egg craft ideas to decorate the egg and give different look and shape to the egg. Easter egg crafts will enable you to decorate the house in a unique way by changing the interior of your house. Here are some of the Easter craft ideas that will help you to create some unique pattern out the egg:

Easter Egg Craft Ideas

Easter egg chick and bunny: This is a cute craft that requires a dyed egg .You can take a yellow color egg to form the chick and other pink color egg for the bunny. You need to cut two white color large ears and two pink color small ears for the bunny. Glue the small pink ears on the white ones and stick them on the pink color egg. You can stick two eyes on the pink egg and cut out three black color whiskers in the middle of the egg .Take a pink color bead and stick it as a nose. Take a cotton ball and form a tail of the bunny .For chick you need to cut out two ears of the left out. Two eyes and red color diamond shape beak and a crown with yellow color left over and attach some yellow fur on the sides of the egg.

Easter Egg stand: This is a pretty activity that requires a wooden hard base. You can dye the eggs in different colors and make different designs on the egg to give amazing look to the stand. Take a thin stick and make small hole in the egg on both the sides and pass stick through the eggs. Take another wooden base and stick them at the end of the stick and place a scented candle on the stand. You can make different sizes of the stand and place it on the table.

Easter egg cartoon: You can make an egg family out of hard-boiled egg. First you can cut the tubes of paper of desired height and wrap a colored construction paper over the tube to make the body of the mom. Cut the construction paper in the form of a wraparound skirt. Place the egg over the tube and paint the eyes, nose and the mouth of the mom with the help of black colored pen. Draw rosy cheeks and freckles with the help of colored pen. For the hair cut the yellow color yarn and tie them with the help of red color ribbon and stick them at the top of the egg. Cut the construction paper in the form of hands and stick them in between the tube and egg.

Easter egg craft ideas will land you with beautiful designs made out from egg and complete your Easter decorations.

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