Easter is celebrated each year to commemorate the day when the Lord Jesus Christ resurrected on the third day of being crucified on the cross.  This festival is one of the most important festivals in the Christian calendar and is celebrated by Christians all over the world. Easter is also celebrated to usher in the spring season and bring to an end the 40 day long Lenten season of fasting and abstinence.

People all over the world come together on this day to celebrate new hope and life. One of the most important aspects of Easter celebrations has been the Easter decorations. People decorate their houses in preparation for this great joyous festival by using various Easter motifs and symbols like the Easter bunny or rabbit, Easter eggs, Easter doves, Easter chicks and Easter egg baskets. People also use many natural decorations during Easter like green leaves, branches and flowers. Easter decorations not only help you brighten up your place in preparation for this festival, but also help you spread the message of Easter to all those who come to your home to share the joy and happiness that this festival brings with it.

The tradition of decorating the house for Easter dates back to the ancient times before Christianity.  According to pagan customs, people celebrated the coming of spring with a festival dedicated to the goddess Eostre. On This day they would give offerings of new saplings, grain and seeds to the goddess Eostre(goddess of fertility) in anticipation of a good crop and harvest. They would also decorate their houses with branches of green trees and leaves as a symbol of new life. People also used other symbols of fertility like the egg( symbol of new life and rebirth) and the Hare or Rabbit( symbol of fertility and Eostre) for decorating their houses and also as gifts. These pagan traditions of decorating the houses during spring gave rise to the modern day tradition of decorating ones house during Easter.

Nowadays people decorate their homes, churches and streets for Easter using various unique and innovative ideas. Some of the most commonly used Easter decoration ideas are to decorate the house using Easter banners, Easter wreaths, Easter flower arrangements, Easter table arrangements, Easter egg decorations, Easter lights and Easter bunny decoration which can be bought from the market. You can also make these beautiful Easter decorations at home using easily accessible material. Easter decoration also makes for great craft works and projects that you can have your kids take part in.

In this section we have a collection of Easter decoration ideas that you can use to decorate your home, church, office or street in preparation for Easter. We also have some amazing outdoor decoration ideas to decorate your lawns and gardens for Easter.

Feel free to browse through our section on Easter decorations and use these decoration ideas as a reference while planning out your decorations this year.  We have ensured that these Easter decoration tutorials are easy and simple to follow.


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