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Easter Decoration Ideas

With Easter is just around the corner, people have started looking for various innovative ways of decorating their houses for Easter. Easter calls for a grand celebration as this day is celebrated to commemorate the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ.

There are various ways to decorate your house and its surroundings for Easter, you can also decorate your church, office or even the street you live in preparation for Easter. Easter eggs and Easter bunnies are the most important symbols associated with Easter as they symbolizes renewal, rebirth and new life. If you are looking for some great Easter decoration ideas, there is more to Easter decorations than just Easter eggs and bunnies. Let us look at the various Easter decorating ideas on the Easter day:

Easter Decoration Ideas

 Colourful Candles: specially designed spring colour egg shaped candles can be used to decorate the house for Easter .Use some scented candles and let the people enjoy wonderful fragrant smelling atmosphere on Easter day that reminds you of spring. You can arrange beautiful designed glass stands and keep these candles over the stand and light them on the table to have a candle light dinner or you can keep them in the hall as a part of decoration. You can arrange these candles according to the colours while decorating the table.

Nest Decorations: You collect grass that grows in the garden and form a nest and arrange some coloured eggs with cute Easter bunny holding the eggs. This nest can be kept on the table for the children to eat the chocolates, candies or Chocolate Easter eggs. Decorate the nest with some dry leaves or flowers .You can even gift this Easter egg nest to guests.

Decorative Napkins: A dining table is the most favourite place of all the people. Let the guest knows their place on the dining table using decorative napkins with the guests name written or embossed on the napkin. You can place some cards with embossed vellum tag with the name on the table and use them as a napkin ring and place them on the plate. You can also tie a colourful egg on the plate to give a grand look to your embossed napkin.

Rose Easter Basket: Instead of using the baskets available in the market create something different and increase the taste of your decoration. You can do this by designing a crepe paper rose basket filled with green grass and a cut little golden colour bunny with the eggs. Use pink colour crepe paper to look better. Also design some green colour leaves at he bottom of the basket and keep it in the hall for festive touch.

Easter Flower Arrangement: Flowers are the best way to decorate the house and change the mood of the people .You can use some wooden base vase and add some tulips and lilies with pussy willow branches and keep these vases all over the house to give an outstanding look to your house.

Easter Garden Decorations: Enhance the garden trees with Easter banners. Write some cute messages such a egg hunt starts here, Easter bunny crossing, Easter  rolling egg game on a piece of cardboard and with the help of some colourful ribbons hang them on the trees to get into festive mood.

Easter Street Lights: Use some special lights such as Easter bunny lights or Easter egg lights to decorate the street and prepare yourself for the Easter celebration.

These Easter decoration ideas are very helpful to design some creative ideas and use them to decorate the house and the surroundings on the aster day and make a grand celebration that will be remembered by people all the time.

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