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Easter Craft Ideas for Toddlers

Easter Craft For ToddlersEaster is in the air and people started engaging themselves in some fun loving activities that catches the eyes of people and feel them proud. Easter is a good opportunity to involve your kids into the activity that involves the crafts as this activity will increase their thinking capabilities and learn something creative at a very early stage. The Easter craft ideas for toddlers will help your child to understand and follow the instructions based on the particular craft.

The Easter craft ideas for toddlers are very simple and easy to pick up .You can allow the kids to use child safe scissors so that can work freely and execute different activities .Easter craft ideas for toddlers allows your kid to cut the eggs and bunnies by using construction paper and decorate them as required. You can provide a trace line to cut the eggs or bunnies and help them to follow the lines properly .Here is Easter craft ideas for toddlers that will help your child to create a unique craft of his own choice:

Bunny bookmarks: Bookmarks are the best activity to involve children and make something creative out of waste items. You can instruct your kid to take a wooden ice cream steak .You can color one steak yellow and another white to make bunny and baby chick. Take a craft paper and form two ears, pink rosy chicks and two feet for the bunny. Further orange color foam is cut into carrot shape and use green color tissue paper to form the leaves for the carrot. You can use yellow color to paint another stick and form a diamond color beak to the chick and stick yellow color fur to the head. Stick bubbly eyes to the bunny and the chick. Small children’s like to use these fancy items while reading their favorite book.

Easter bunny mask: The Easter bunny mask is the favorite thing as the kids like to wear them during the party and dance on the floor. You just need to take a pink color foam and trace the Easter bunny from the paper .You need to be careful while tracing and if the bunny moves from the place it will not give better shape .Cut out the eyes of the bunny and use some contrasting color to cut out the ears and stick on the previous ears to give a brighter look to the bunny. Glue three whiskers on each chick and trim them if required.

Easter egg tree craft: The children’s can take some help of your parents to design a tree. You can sketch the trunk and the branches of the tree with the help of pencil and color them accordingly. You can cut out several oval shape papers to form eggs. Draw some beautiful designs on the eggs and color them. Once you color them with the help of glue stick them on the branches of the tree and draw some leaves beneath them to look attractive. You can stick them to the dashboard in your Childs room.

Easter craft ideas for toddlers are the best activity to occupy your child to construct something useful on the Easter day that will help them in future.

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