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Easter Chicks Knitting Pattern

Easter KnittingEaster is approaching and people are eagerly waiting for the auspicious day as the day is full of enjoyment. People engage themselves in various activities and have the best time of their life. Knitting is one of the hobbies that people love to get involve in as it is fun activity and people can engage with this activity by talking to their friends.

There are so many knitting patterns for Easter for e.g. Easter egg, bunny, and baby animals and so on. Knitting Easter chick pattern is pretty simple and fun loving activity. You just need to follow some basic Easter chick knitting pattern steps and get the best chick design for the best Easter chick knitting pattern.

Easter Chicks Knitting Pattern

For Easter chick knitting pattern you just need a pointed needle of size 3.75 mm, a plastic egg to fill into the chick and a yellow color yarn. Easter chick knitting pattern will give you a beautiful chick that can be used to decorate the Easter basket or can be used as a centerpiece on the dining table. You can follow the Easter chick knitting pattern to obtain a beautiful and cute chick that will enhance the beauty of your Easter celebration.

For the body you need to follow certain steps.
Cast on 26 stitches.

  • Row 1: K1, increase 1, K to the end.
  • Repeat first row until you have 36 stitches on the needle (10 rows)
  • Knit four rows. (14 rows)

Shape the tail

  • Row 1: Knit 3 stitches (K3), bring yarn forward to the work, slip next stitch, move the yarn back, and move slip stitch back to left needle. Turn
  • Row 2: K3 to end
  • Row 3: K2 brings yarn forward to the work, slip next stitch, yarn back, and move slip stitch back to left needle. Turn
  • Row 4:knit two stitches ( K2) to end
  • Row 5: Cast off 10 stitches, Knit to end
  • Repeat last five rows for the other side to shape tail.
  • You will have 16 stitches left in the¬†center of your knitting.


  • Rows 1-4: Knit
  • Row 5: K1, K2tog, K to last three stitches, K2tog, K1.
  • Rows 6-8: Same as row 5
  • Rows 9-10: Knit

At the end you will be left with 8 stitches. Cut the yarn leaving a length 30cm (12″) long. You can Thread a needle with the 30cm length and run it through the 8 remaining stitches. Make it tight so that it will remain stiff. Now you can continue to sew the head, back leaving a place for the egg to insert .Once you insert the egg you will get the perfect shape of the chick than it become easy to fix the neck .You can now attach the neck to the chick by running stitch .The eyes can be made by the French knot from black color yarn. Beak can be made from the red color left out cloth or paper.

Easter chick knitting pattern is very simple if you follow the above steps provided and get a beautiful and cute chick.

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