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How to Make Easter Bunny Ears

Easter is a religious festival that is celebrated by people all around the world to celebrate the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. Easter craft is a great opportunity for small kids to get involve in different art activities while learning more about Easter. Easter holds a lot in store for kids, kids look forward to getting Easter baskets filled with gifts, Easter eggs, Easter bunnies and chick. They also enjoy attending Easter costume parties where they get to dress up like cartoon characters and Easter characters like Easter bunnies. If you are planning on having an Easter costume party or want to learn how to make Easter bunny costumes, you can follow our simple tutorial to learn how to make Easter bunny ears.

How to Make Easter Bunny Ears

Kids love Easter as there are many fun customs and traditions that Easter brings along with it. The most fun part about Easter is the Easter eggs that kids love. According to legend, the Easter bunny is supposed to lay these beautiful decorated Easter eggs for kids who have been good. Kids love dressing up as Easter bunnies and distribute gifts to their friends and relatives. Some people even keep the Easter bunny ear theme parties so that they can celebrate the party in a unique way. Making Easter bunnies can be an exciting activity that you can have your kids learns. You can make these Easter bunny ears and have your kids wear them for Easter.

Here are some of the steps that you can follow and make Easter bunny ears and have fun:

  • To make Easter bunny ears you need to cut a small thin strip of white construction paper this will serve as a hair band of your child. Don’t forget to take the size of your child head otherwise it will be difficult to put the band on his head.
  • Next cut two ears of the bunny of bigger size with white colour construction paper. You can use any colour depending upon your choice.
  • Cut another pair of pink ears that will fit on the white ears. Paste the pink ears on the white ones.
  • Glue these ears on the white band and cut the excess band depending upon the size of the head and staple the remaining one on the head.
  • You can decorate the band by using some Easter stickers like eggs, chicks or bunny.

This completes your Easter bunny ears now it’s a time to wear them and enjoy the party with some unique idea that will be appreciated by the people.

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