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Easter Bunny Decoration Ideas

Easter celebrations are incomplete without Easter bunnies, Easter eggs and Easter chicks. Legend has it that the night before Easter, the Easter bunny brings baskets filled with colourful Easter eggs, chocolates and toys, to the homes of children and makes them feel special.

The Easter bunny is used extensively to decorate homes for Easter, you can find Easter bunny decorations, Easter bunny cakes, cookies and chocolates everywhere on Easter. People decorate their house with Easter bunny and make their decorations complete. Here are some Easter bunny decoration ideas that can be used to decorate your house:

Easter Bunny Decoration Ideas

Bunny ornaments: Easter bunny ornaments made from colored or plain fabric can be used to decorate your houses on Easter. You can hang these beautiful Easter bunny ornaments at home, churches or in the office. Some pretty small ornaments are also available that can be worn on the neck, hand or as earrings. This will bring festive mood in the house as well as to the person wearing them.

Bunny stickers: These stickers are easily available in the stores when Easter is approaching. You can use these stickers to decorate the mirror, windows or doors of the house. Some waterproof stickers are also available that are used in the kitchen to bring festive mood while cooking.

Bunny garland: A garland made up of Easter bunnies can be used to decorate the house ceilings, doors and windows. Some Easter bunny garlands are made up with special light effect and can be used to decorate the garden by hanging them on the tree and the lights will glow by at night giving the best look to your garden .These bunny garland are also hang above the dinning table wall to get into Easter mood while having dinner.

Bunny baskets: Easter Bunny baskets are used to decorate the side table of the house by filling some bunnies, chocolate eggs, grass and other goodies that is liked by the children to make some interesting environment for children. These baskets can be given to the kids so that they can enjoy the holiday.

Easter bunny flowerpot: These Easter bunny flower pots can be used to decorate the table by filling some bright coloured flowers such as Easter lilies, dahlias, roses, gerberas and others to make your table look bright and attractive. You can keep a glass bunny pot or clay and decorate the table.

Bunny banners: Use can paste some bunny pictures or faces on the nylon fabric cloth with Easter eggs and use them as banners to hang them at the entrance of your house to welcome people on Easter.

Bunny wreath: You can take a plastic wreath outline and stick some bunny cut outs made out of form and design a cute bunny wreath. These wreaths can be used to decorate the door on the Easter day and welcome the guest with the smile.

Easter bunny decoration ideas are useful to decorate your house with cute little bunny and get the luck on the Easter day.

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