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Easter Bunny Craft Ideas

Easter is a fun festival celebrated in every nook and corner of the world .It’s a time to wind up your work and start decorating the house with Easter themes in preparation of the coming Festival. People get involve in their favorite activities and decorate their house with some unique ideas to stand out of the crowd. Easter bunny craft ideas is the best way to involve yourself and make something creative bunny pictures that can be used to decorate the house.

Easter bunny craft ideas contain different patterns of crafts of bunny that is made out of waste materials lying in your house. Easter bunny craft ideas can be used to decorate the Easter wreaths or Easter baskets. You can gift these bunny crafts to the kids in the form of gift and make them happy. We have some collection of Easter bunny craft ideas that can be used during Easter and change the interior of your house:

Easter Bunny Craft Ideas

Hay stick bunny: This is an interesting craft that will be enjoyed by small kids and have fun. You need to have some hay to form the bunny. You can cut out the shape of bunny on the cardboard and apply some hot glue to the cardboard. Turn the bunny to the other side where you have placed the glue and press on the hay .You need to apply large quantity of hot glue so that the hay can stick to it properly. Turn the bunny on the other side and repeat the same procedure on the next side. Now you can trim the excess of the hay. Take a transparent wire and wind it around the bunny to tighten the hay and bring the bunny in shape. You can use a black button to form the eyes and a ribbon to stick at the bottom if required and hang the bunny.

Crape paper bunny: You can use a simple and thin crape paper to make a bunny. You can take a small plastic ball and use crape colored paper and wind the paper around the ball several times so that it becomes thick. Now you can cut two long ears for the bunny from the same crape paper and stick them to the ball. You can use black color tissue paper to form the lashes and the nose of bunny. Cut small ball from the crape paper to form the mouth of the bunny. You can use the left out snip from the cup cakes and   give a triangular cut in the front to resemble the leg of the bunny and stick them at the bottom of the ball.

Chocolate bunny: This is an amazing craft activity for young kids as kids love to lick the chocolate while working. Cut bunny shape from the cardboard and mix the chocolate pudding and let it settle for some time so that it will become thick. Once it becomes thick let the kids to use their fingers and paint the bunny with the chocolate pudding and decorate the bunny with black eye and a yellow bow.

Easter craft bunnies ideas will help you to form acute little bunny to celebrate the Easter party.

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