Easter BunniesEaster is a very important Festival in the Christian calendar celebrated during spring. This festival marks the resurrection of Jesus Christ, giving hope of life to the world.

The festival of Easter is marked by several customs and traditions, most of which have been inspired or taken from ancient pagan traditions and Anglo- Saxon traditions that were observed to celebrate the onset of spring or the harvest.

One such interesting tradition followed during Easter is that of the Easter bunny or Easter Hare. These cute Easter bunnies are seen everywhere during Easter. Easter bunnies are especially popular with kids who get them as gifts from their parents and elder folk. So what is the Easter bunny or where is the Easter Bunny from.

The Easter bunny is one of the many pagan traditions that have been adopted for the Easter festival. The Easter bunny or Easter rabbit is depicted in legends as a rabbit who wears clothes and brings baskets of colored Easter eggs, toys and candies for children.

History of Easter Bunny

The Easter bunny is known as the Easter rabbit or Easter hare is a pagan symbol whose origin can be traced back to the pagan festival or Eostre. The rabbit was considered to be a symbol of the Eostre,  the Anglo-Saxon goddess of fertility . Rabbits have long been considered as fertility symbols due to their ability to produce large litters, and were a symbol of new life during the spring. This tradition of the Easter hare or Easter bunny was soon accepted as a tradition of Easter, a festival that celebrates new life.

Easter BunniesThe Easter bunny tradition was a European tradition that originated in Germany. The first know reference to the Easter bunny can be seen in German literature in the 1500’s. The first edible Easter bunnies were made of pastry coated with sugar in the early 1800’s.

The Easter bunny tradition was brought or that was introduced to North America by early German settlers in the 1700’s. Before the introduction of these Easter traditions by the German settlers, Easter was not a very popular Christian festival in North America, it is only after the Civil war did Easter start getting popular as a festival.

Easter Bunny Tradition

The arrival of the Easter bunny or Easter Rabbit on Easter morning was considered to be the highlight of the festival for kids. The Easter bunny is said to carry baskets filled with colored Easter eggs that it would lay in the Easter bonnets, Easter hats and Easter nests made with sticks, leaves and hay that kids would place outside their homes.

The traditional Easter baskets would be filled with brightly colored chicken eggs that were either boiled along with certain leaves or petals to get the desired color or were wrapped in golden leaf, cookies, candies and other Easter goodies that children could enjoy.

Modern Easter Bunny Traditions

The modern day Easter bunny was first seen in the 19th century in North America, where the Easter hare came to be known as the cute Easter bunny. The Easter bunny rabbit would visit people’s homes on Easter morning giving children Easter baskets that contained candy, jelly beans, gifts, Easter eggs and chocolates. Gradually the tradition of making nests for the Easter bunny to lay eggs evolved into the Easter basket.

Nowadays, you find stored filled with Easter bunnies and rabbits made of various edible items. The most popular Easter bunnies are made using chocolate. You can but these chocolate Easter bunnies and gift them to your friends on Easter. You also find handmade Easter bunnies, stuffed Easter bunnies and knitted Easter bunnies that you can give people on Easter.

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