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Easter Bonnet Craft Ideas

easter-bonnetEaster is a religious festival that is celebrated every year by Christians. Right from kids to the adults, everyone is involved in several activities and spend their day by making something unique that will improve their knowledge and learn more skills. Easter bonnet craft ideas are the best way to get involved with, and learn the techniques of making bonnet crafts. Just like Easter eggs and bunnies, Easter bonnets is the favorite Easter symbol for kids and they love to wear them for the parties.

Easter Bonnet Craft Ideas

Easter bonnet craft ideas will enable you to design something different for your kid and make them feel special on the Easter day. Your child can wear them on the Easter special dress and look awesome with the outfit. Find out some of the Easter bonnet craft ideas that can be used to fulfill the demand of your kid on Easter day.

Paper plate Easter bonnet: A plastic paper plate can be a good option to form the base of the hat. You can make two holes on either side of the plate that can be used to tie a ribbon or string through. You can paint the plate or leave it plain depending upon your choice. You can stick some Easter candy eggs, chicks or cute knitted bunnies covered with brown paper to resemble the nest .You can add some chicks and eggs to look awesome and different. You can even decorate the same bonnet with handmade Lilly flowers and a green ribbon to form the stem of the flowers.

Bunny ear Easter bonnet: You can cut the strip of card and tie it around the head of your kid with two bunny ears .Staple the ears to make a loop .You can glue fluffy cotton on the card and paste some good fabric inside ears with the cotton surrounding the fabric to give unique look to the bonnet. Let your child wear this bonnet on the white dress.

Nest Easter bonnet: You can take some raffia and wound them on the plastic bonnet base .you can use wires or the piper to form a ring and mold it in circular shape. You can stick chick on the nest with the help of hot glue and some colorful eggs on the bonnet .Trim off the excess trivia from the bonnet and give even look to the bonnet.

Berry basket Easter bonnet: You can use an empty berry basket turn into a bonnet for your kid. You can turn it upside down and tie ribbons at the bottom of the basket .Now you can glue Easter grass all over the basket and add some jelly beans and silky flowers to decorate the basket. You can use some chenille stem with colorful eggs to catch the eyes of the people.

Newspaper Easter bonnet: You can take some old newspapers lying in your house and cut them in the form of circle .The best way is double the paper and cut a quarter .Now you can paint the bonnet depending upon your kid’s choice and keep it for drying .Once it is dried keep the paper on the child’s head and put a masking tape around the bonnet that fits well on your child’s head .Make some flowers with the help of craft paper and stick them on the bonnet .you can also add paper crunched eggs to decorate the bonnet.

Easter bonnet craft ideas will make your child look different from rest of the crowd by wearing a special designed bonnet.

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