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Easter Baskets for Children

Easter baskets for children are the perfect Easter gift that you can give your kids. Kids love getting gifts and an Easter basket for kids filled with their favorite goodies and toys is a gift that would have them jump with joy. There are many Easter traditions like the Ester eggs, Easter bunnies and chicks that kids love, but nothing can match the excitement that you would see in your kids eyes when you give them an Easter basket filled with gifts.

There are so many Children’s Easter baskets options available in the market for parents and relatives to choose from; however you can also try making your kids Easter special by making an Easter basket for them. Gifting your kids a unique children’s Easter baskets will make their Easter special. Some of the most popular treats that you can add to a Easter basket for kids include candies, chocolates, Easter eggs, cookies, and other Ester treats. Let’s look at some amazing Easter basket Ideas for children.

Easter Baskets for Children

Themed Easter Basket: Instead of buying your kids Easter baskets from the market, create your own Easter basket ideas and design something unique that your kid will admire. You can create the basket made up of your kids favorite cartoon character like a Dora Easter Basket, or Mickey Mouse Easter Basket or a Easter Basket with your kids favorite animal.

Easter Bunny Basket: There are so many options that you can use to create a Easter basket for children. You can use a mesh weaved plastic basket with a large stuffed toy like a bunny to use as a centerpiece of the basket. Keep this toy on some Easter grass which is placed at the base of the basket. Add some candies or chocolates surrounding the toy and also include puzzles, story books or other themed gifts in the basket along with Easter eggs, cookies and chocolate.

Arts Easter Baskets: If your kid loves to draw and paint you can include a color pastel set, acrylic colors, sketch pens and other coloring and art stationery like a brush set crayons, sidewalk chalk, watercolors or colored pencils. You can also add coloring books, craft books and other craft items along with some Easter goodies.

Toy Easter Basket: you can make a Toy Easter basket filled with some of the latest toys available, you can also add a few of your kids favorite video games, cars, action figures, trucks or other games that your kids enjoy.

Sports Easter Basket:  If your kids enjoy playing sports, you can make a sports basket for them. Add a few sports memorabilia, baseball hats, t-shirts, a sports magazines, balls, baseball bats, soccer balls, basket ball or any other sports items that your kids love. You can also add sports cards or a gift certificate to the sports equipment store.

Girls Easter Basket: If you want to make an Easter basket for your daughter, you can add thing that she would love, You can make an Easter basket that has pink eye shadow, nail polish, lipstick or other accessories such as socks, hair ties, rings, Barbie prints and other accessories.

After you are done with all the arrangements don’t forget to decorate your kids Easter baskets with ribbons, glitter, stars, and other decorations like Easter bunnies, eggs and chicks. These Easter baskets for children will definitely help you to create an amazing baskets for your kid.

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