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Easter Baskets for Adults

Gifting Easter baskets on Easter is a tradition that has been followed for centuries. Easter basket gifts filled with gifts and goodies have been given to friends and family members as a token of love and appreciation on this day. The tradition of gifting Easter baskets dates back to the early ages, when people would offer baskets full of seedlings to Eostre, the goddess of fertility.

This tradition of gifting Easter baskets filled with Easter eggs and goodies was later became a custom that was followed during Easter. Easter baskets for adults are the best gifts that you can give your loved ones on Easter day. It is also believed that receiving a gift basket on Easter day is considered to be a good luck sign. It is mostly thought that Easter baskets are for kids; however you can give these amazing gifts to adults as well.

When gifting someone an Easter basket for adults, you need to ensure that you add gifts that adults would enjoy, here we have a few ideas for Easter baskets for adults that you can refer to when compiling a basket this Easter.

Easter Baskets for Adults

Sport Lover’s Easter Basket: This is Easter basket for adults are meant for sport lovers. You can prepare a wonderful gift basket that has sport magazines, T-shirts of the favorite player, sports memorabilia along with some football or baseball candies. You can also include a couple of tickets to watch a favorite game, sunglasses, sports and hats.  To give the basket an appealing look, tie a bow to the handle of the basket using a ribbon. This is a great Easter gift basket for men.

The Wine Easter Basket:  An Easter basket with wine bottles is a lovely gift to give your relatives, friends or even co-workers. You can add a bottle of fine wine, chocolates, fruits, nuts, white wine biscuits and sausage. You can decorate the gift basket by making small bunnies to cover the wine bottle or cut some bunny pictures and stick on the basket.

Spa Product Easter Baskets: You can gift these amazing spa product gift baskets, both to men or women. When creating a spa product Easter basket  you can add a manicure or pedicure set, perfumes, a romantic CD, some health magazines or you can also keep a spa gift certificate to the persons favourite spa centre. You can also add a refreshing tetra pack of their favourite juice to complete the Easter basket.

Tea or Coffee Easter Basket: You can make this amazing Easter basket by adding the person’s favorite tea or coffee brand along with a coffee stirrer, a mug and special sugar cubes. You can also add gift certificates for a popular coffee shop to complete the basket.

Romantic Easter Basket: A romantic Easter basket is the perfect Easter gift for your lover or spouse. You can create a romantic Easter basket by including chocolates, strawberries, scented candle sets, massage oils along with a CD of romantic music and romantic magazines or a novel. To give the basket a romantic look, tie this basket with gold and red colour ribbons with heart placed at the base of the basket.

Kitchen Easter Basket: This Easter basket can be useful for those who are food lovers or love cooking. You can add a recipe book of the favorite chef, table mats, coffee or tea mugs, salt and pepper shakers, set of spices bottles or sauces, wooden decorative pots, kitchen vase along with video CD of recipes .

These Easter baskets for adults are not only the perfect gift that you can give someone on Easter, but can also be given on some other occasion. These Easter Basket gift ideas will help you gift your friends and family the perfect Easter gift and show your love towards them.

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