17.1Easter is one of the most important festival in the Christians calendar. This day is celebrated to commemorate the resurrection of the lord Jesus Christ, on the third day of him being crucified on the cross. Easter is also celebrated to mark the end to the Lenten period of abstinence and fasting.

The Easter festival is filled with various customs and traditions like Easter eggs, Easter baskets and Easter bunnies that have been followed for ages. Most of these traditions were pagan traditions that have been Christianized and brought into mainstream Christianity as Christian customs and traditions.

History of Easter Baskets

The Festival of Easter is celebrated during spring, which is considered to be harvest time. In ancient times , there were many customs and traditions that were attached to the harvest  time which included giving offerings of food and grains to the gods and goddesses. One of the most amazing of Easter customs and traditions is that of the Easter basket, which seems to have originated form these pagan traditions of celebrating the onset of spring and the harvest.

Easter BasketThere are many legends and versions about the birth of the Easter basket tradition. As per one version about the origins of this tradition, the history of the Easter basket can be traced to early Teutonic times. During early Teutonic age it was a custom to carry baskets filled with seedlings, as an offering to the temple of the goddess of fertility Eostre or Oestre in anticipation of a good harvest.

It is also said that the Easter basket originated from a Jewish custom of giving basket full of goodies and food to people during the feast of Purim, which also took place during the spring.

There is also an ancient Christian custom where the faithful would carry baskets of food to be blessed by the priest. This food would then be eaten as the Easter meal that would mark the end of the Lenten fasting.

Modern Day Easter Basket Traditions

In more recent times, these baskets for Easter were very popular in European countries.  As per European folklore, a hare would leave Easter baskets full of candies and Easter eggs for kids to enjoy on Easter morning. This European influence spread to countries like America and Britain along with settlers who migrated from various European countries.

The custom of Easter baskets was introduced to America in the early 1700’s where people would keep hats or bonnets and baskets lined with straw outside for the Easter hare to fill with decorated Easter eggs.

Nowadays, Easter baskets have become a very common gift that people give each other on Easter morning.  People gift Easter baskets filled with goodies like cookies, decorated Easter eggs and other treats to friends and family. Easter basket gifts are also very popular with kids, who look forward to these treats from their parents. Children wait in anticipation for the Easter bunny to gift them Easter gift baskets filled with jelly beans, candy, chocolate eggs, cookies and other savories.

During Easter season, you will find shops lined up with various different Easter gift baskets to suit every ones needs that people can buy.  These ready-made Easter baskets save people the time and effort of putting together an Easter basket for friends. You can also buy yourself empty Easter baskets that you can then fill with homemade goodies or an assortment of goodies of your choice. There are many Do- It –Yourself Easter basket ideas also that you can try out if you do not want to buy off the shelf Easter baskets.

Here we have some amazing Easter basket ideas, tips on how to make Easter baskets, , gift ideas Easter baskets, and homemade Easter baskets ideas that do not need much of basket making skills and which you will find useful this Easter. We also show you how to decorate your Easter baskets to make them look unique.

You can make these amazing Easter baskets and gift them to your loved ones as a token of your love and appreciation to them.

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