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Easter Basket Ideas

Easter Basket IdeasEaster is around the corner and people have started using different items and decoration ideas to decorate and design Easter baskets that they can give as a gift to their loved ones. Easter baskets are the best gift options for your family and friends as a token of your love and appreciation for them. While you can shop for readymade Easter baskets that are prefilled with Easter goodies like Easter eggs, cookies and chocolates, making your own Easter basket adds that personal touch to your Easter gift basket.

Here we have handpicked some amazing Easter basket ideas that you can refer to while making an Easter basket or while choosing one for your loved ones. These amazing Easter basket ideas are the best way to inform your dear ones that you are thinking of them on this festive occasion.

Easter Basket Ideas

There are many Easter baskets ideas that you can use to make as well as decorate your Easter baskets depending upon your interest and liking. If you plan on making homemade Easter baskets, you should choose a design that is unique, whioch would make your Easter basket gift stand out.

Bunny Easter Basket:- A bunny Easter basket is a unique and a pleasant basket that can be gifted to  small kids on Easter. This cute bunny Easter baskets make a memorable gift for your little ones. You can make these amazing bunny baskets with stiff construction paper .The bunny basket is very simple to make by using few items such as paper plate, pom poms, crayons, chenille stem and, scissors. To make the basket you need to fold the paper plate and cut out bunny’s ears with white and pink construction paper .Cut out chenille stem into three pieces to make the whiskers and use pompom look like a nose and glue it. Use a crayon to draw the bunnies eyes and stick cotton as a tail. You can decorate this basket by using pink colour ribbons or green grass at the base of the basket, for effects you can add chocolates and cookies in the basket and gift it to your kids and see their expression.

Ice Cream Baskets:-You can also create Easter baskets by using discarded ice cream buckets. You just need to prime the ice cream bucket and allow it to dry completely before you can make it into an Easter basket. Now using different colored foam out the shapes of the cartoon characters and paste them on to the basket. Fill the basket with the goodies and punch hole to tie a knot to hold. You can add some decorative flowers and tie some ribbons onto the knot to make it more appealing.

Colored Cardboard Basket:- You can even use corrugated cardboard of different colours to make an Easter basket. Cut the cardboard in a circular fashion and make a basket .Place some dried grass or straw along with decorated Easter eggs in the basket to make it complete and gift to your loved ones and feel proud by your own craft.

Plastic Bowl Easter Basket:-You can use a plastic bowl to make an Easter basket. Stick white paper on the surface of the plastic bowl and let it dry for some time. Once it has dried, colour the bowl and attach a sting on both the sides of the bowl. Attach a red colour bow on the top of the string, you can use small balloons and tie to the basket. Fill goodies, easter eggs and chocolates in the basket to make it complete.

Using these Easter basket craft ideas design your favorite basket and have fun. You can even use these Easter basket ideas to make your children learn how to make Easter baskets. Have a look below to find more Easter basket craft ideas:

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