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Easter Basket Craft Ideas

Easter is a great festival celebrated by all the people around the globe with great joy and happiness. Small children’s and adults take active part in decorating the house and getting engaged in some favorite activity and celebrate the day. Easter basket craft ideas for kids are the fun collection of items for the kids and make their day happy. Kids love to construct beautiful basket crafts and fill their favorite goodies that will increase their excitement on the Easter day. Easter baskets can be made out of different materials that are easily available at your door step.

The children’s Easter baskets are used to gift the guests as a token of love on the party day. People will appreciate your child’s work and always keep the basket in the form of sweet memory. You can create some interest in your child to design some cute baskets by appreciating their work. Easter basket craft ideas can help your child to choose the perfect basket that they want to design and impress the crowd. Easter basket craft ideas will also help your child to design some unique baskets for the church and decorate the church by their own handmade crafts. You can have a look at the below Easter craft basket ideas for kids to help your child for beginning their craft activity:

Cardboard basket: This is a very simple way to design a basket by using corrugated cardboard paper. You can take a cheese box and glue the box with double sided tape and stick the corrugated cardboard paper onto the box .You can use your favorite color to paint the cardboard. You can now cut a long string and fix it on both the sides of the basket with the help of screws to form the handle. Arrange some colorful eggs in the basket with Easter grass.

Picket Fence Basket: This is a pretty basket that will catch the eyes of people. You can use some container lid or base that has slight rim at the bottom that will help to stick the pickets. Stick the pickets on the rim of the lid in a proper fashion. Now you can color the pickets depending upon the choice and form some designs on the pickets if you like to look attractive. You can use a colorful ribbon to tie at the base of the lid to give a bright look to the lid. You can now use some colorful ribbon to glue it on the handle of the basket and place some beautiful goodies to complete your basket.

Paper Sack Basket: You can turn lunch paper sack into an Easter basket very easily by decorating the outer sack with acrylic paint .You should not allow your kid to color the upper portion of the basket as it is used to form the brim of the basket .Fill the basket by using shredded paper to keep the basket firm and keep it in shape. You can use a construction paper to form the handle and stick them at the brim of the basket.

Coffees Can Basket: You can use a coffee can and design a basket by thoroughly washing it with hot water before use. You can use green color construction paper and cut in the shape of grass and stick it on the surrounding of the can. Use same green color paper to form the handle of the basket and place a chocolate bunny with colorful eggs in the can and complete the decoration.

These Easter basket craft ideas can be used by your child to design a unique basket that will stand apart from the crowd.

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