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How to Decorate Easter Baskets

Easter BasketEaster baskets are very popular and common gifts that people give each other on Easter. Easter baskets are considered as a token of love, affection and appreciation that you give your loved ones and friends. There are various ways to decorate Easter baskets by using different accessories available both at home and  in the market. You can create amazing baskets or breathe in new life into an old basket by decorating it with different material.

How to Decorate Easter Baskets

Easter baskets make for great gifts both for adults and children; you can have these amazing baskets filled with goodies, treats and gifts and gift them to family and friends on Easter. While you can buy these decorated Easter baskets from the store, making your own handmade Easter baskets and decorating these homemade Easter baskets can be a lot of fun.

The easiest and simplest way of decorating your Easter basket by using Easter symbols such as eggs and rabbits decorated on the baskets using pastels and colours. As per tradition, eggs and rabbits are considered as the symbol for new life and rebirth and are symbolic of the resurrection of Jesus Christ on Easter.

Tips for Decorating Easter Baskets

To decorate your Easter basket follow these simple steps given below:-

  • Start by placing a cloth or newspaper to cover the entire working area.
  • You would need to choose a color pattern for your basket. Acrylic colors are a preferred choice for decorating Easter baskets.
  • Apply two layers of the paint spread evenly over the basket to make it look bright. Allow the basket to dry before moving to the next step.
  • Make sure your basket has handle to look more attractive and easy for you to carry.
  • As the basket starts drying find some coloured ribbons, Easter flower cut-outs, designed stones, eggs and bunny shaped toys to decorate the basket.
  • You can buy these items from the local craft store or if you are creative then you can design your own ideas and make use of them to decorate the basket.
  • Use glue to stick these items on the basket so that it attaches firmly to the basket.
  • You can also use some sparkling letters to write an Easter message on the basket and to make your basket look more attractive.
  • Now decorate the base of the basket by using ribbons, wave the ribbon at the base of the basket properly.
  • You can do it many times depending upon the size the basket and your choice.
  • Next glue the cut outs of flowers on the inner and outer lining of the basket depending upon the number of flowers you have, if they sure not enough on both the sides stick them on the outer side.
  • Place some grass or straw at the base of the basket.
  • Now place some decorated Easter eggs, candy, Easter bunnies or other Easter gifts into the basket.
  • While decorating the handle wound the ribbon to the base of the handle and place a big bow at the centre of the handle and place the sparkling letters wishing your dear ones.
  • You can also place a bunny at the side of the basket which looks more attractive.
  • You can even use your ideas to decorate the basket placing the ribbons, eggs and bunny to different places.
  • After you finish decorating the basket gift the basket to your dear ones and don’t miss to see big smile on their face.

Follow these simple steps and learn how to make amazing hand painted Easter baskets that you can gift your loved ones, You can also teach yoru kids how to make Easter basktes by following these simple instructions.

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