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How to Color Easter Eggs

How to paint Easter EggsColouring an Easter egg is a tradition that s followed from many years. It is a craft for young as well as small children. Every year people dye the eggs for Easter but let us try something different than the usual way. Colouring egg involves the technique of painting simple patterns to create elaborated and detail designs that will attract the eyes of the people.

Decorating and painting eggs can be easily done by using some homemade items available in your kitchen or surroundings. Using food colouring or painting kit will help you to design some unique and beautiful handmade designs on the egg .These eggs can be displayed on the table as a centre piece for Easter celebration. You don’t have to take tensions for designing the egg but just be relax and drew some free hand drawings on the egg ,that looks amazing .No matter how detail you work on designing the eggs but enjoy the fun of painting with your family. Here are some instructions you can follow how to colour Easter egg:

The first step is to choose a design or pattern you want to use for decorating the egg. The design will dictate what sort of paints will be used for the egg. Consider some patterns like designing some faces of bunnies, free hand designs or chicks. Pastel colours are often used to colour the egg. The most common thing that involves is dying an egg before you paint to give some contrasting colours to your egg. You can even use watercolour, acrylics or just a simple dye to colour eggs. The colours what you want to apply depends upon your choice.

After you decide about the design gather all the requirements that are essential for painting. You might need the paint, egg, newspaper and paint brushes Before you start painting male sure you prepare the eggs for painting .You should not use raw eggs as they break very often So you have two options either heat boil them or blow out the eggs. For hard boiling you need to boil the egg for about 20 minutes and keep them in cold running water to cool for some time .You can use blow out eggs as this technique involves pinning the egg on both the sides and breaking the egg yolk with the help of needle. You can take out the contents and wash the egg with vinegar and water.

Some people dye the eggs before painting and than paint the eggs. If you are using blown eggs you can insert some screws inside the egg so that it will be easy for you to rotate the egg than start painting one side of the egg by using acrylic paints and let it dry for some time and than start with the rest of the egg. You can use some leaves, Stickers or glue paints to look more attractive. The wax colours help to resist the egg colour and leave the design on the egg .You can paint any design depending upon your choice and keep it for drying for long time. Once it is dried you can keep these eggs as apart of decoration for Easter celebration .These eggs especially blown out eggs can be kept for years.

This is an easy and best way to colour Easter eggs and enjoy the Easter holiday.

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